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GhanaWeb is a comprehensive resource about the country Ghana. On this website you can find lots of news, information and entertaining content and get in touch with (fellow) Ghanaian people.

Where we came from

Francis Akoto, a Ghanaian living in Finland, conceived the idea in 1992 of creating a homepage for Ghanaians living abroad. Francis released the first version of his GhanaHomePage on a server of the University of Tampere.

As such the GhanaHomePage was the first Ghanaian website on the Internet. In fact the GhanaHomePage went online when Yahoo was still a hobby website of Jerry Yang and David Filo. Search engines such as Google did not even exist in those early years.

Initially the GhanaHomePage consisted of a couple pages of information about Ghana but it quickly expanded to a very comprehensive resource. And it didn’t stop there. Francis Akoto also updated the website daily with news from Ghana and soon visiting the site became a daily routine for the ten-thousands of Ghanaians working and studying abroad.

In 1999 the GhanaHomePage was re-located from the University server to the domain hosted by Rob Bellaart, a Dutch webdeveloper. From this point Akoto and Bellaart have been jointly working on GhanaWeb with their focus on content respectively webtechnology.

Where we are now

Because of the constant addition of new content and new functionality since 1999, GhanaWeb has become a huge website. The website literally consists of millions of webpages. On a typical day thousands of new webpages are added to the site.

The website has evolved into a platform which is used by thousands of active contributors to publish their content (articles, comments, photos, classifieds, etc) to other Ghanaians. GhanaWeb is more than just another news portal. Instead it is a communication platform which connects Ghanaians living inside and outside of Ghana with one another.

In terms of popularity GhanaWeb has been the leading website for Ghana since 1999. Currently the traffic exceeds 35 million pageviews per month which makes the website a great advertising medium.

Where we will be in the future

GhanaWeb has always been a website where Ghanaians can feel at home regardless of their political, ethnic and religious background. That’s why the website was initially called the GhanaHomePage. We want to continue providing such a home to our numerous visitors for many years to come.

While GhanaWeb is already big and will probably grow much bigger, we think a big organisation is not the best way of running the website. Rather than placing a big organisation with many ‘bosses’ in charge, we think our visitors should largely be in control of GhanaWeb. The role of the company is merely a facilitating one.

Contact GhanaWeb

The general contactdetails are:

Poederooienstraat 66
1106 CK Amsterdam
Tel.: +31.20.7700126, +31.20.6977764
Fax.: +1.815.6429100

Specific contact options:

  • For advertising send an email to or call us.
  • If you have a question, remark or complaint about a specific page, kindly use the feedback link at the bottom of the page.
  • If you want to publish a (feature) article send it by email to :



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